Back with more resources we used for the NAB unit! We played the games during our morning basket time. Bird Bingo was a huge hit. Noggins wasn’t our favorite but we made it work by picking two cards everyday to read through and answer the questions. Sometimes we would pick one or two cards to review. At the end of our unit we played the game. The kids liked it and they learned a lot. During our read alouds they worked on handwriting (cursive notebook for the older one) and either colored birds out of this coloring book or in the student workbooks. Other times they would work on these super fun puzzles! We LOVED the mini puzzles. The bigger puzzle was fun too but really hard! The little sticker books were supposed to be a make our own “memory game” but I totally forgot to make it and do it until I was putting my resources away and prepping for our next unit 😅

Posted by megansmith at 2020-06-22 00:16:15 UTC