I hope this is okay to share, I’m just very proud of my little girl and thankful for GRH. I was so proud of My daughter ( just turned 5) and her dictation in our oceans unit yesterday. She can have a hard time getting thoughts into words but did so well . What she said was such an amazing array of information she has either heard stories of, seen pictures of, and her own experience . She mentions me and her crying the day she was born because she has seen photos and heard me tell her about it . She talks about “sneaking “ to get milk from me lol (sorry if that’s tmi in her dictation). She talks about her bf being born the same day and then about how they can’t play but then can play due to the virus (her bf is also her cousin born the same day but her brother has heart and lung disease and is very vulnerable so depending on if we are too exposed by other family or personal lives due to my husband or his work... we just can’t risk being too close- tiny kids are hard to stay on top of :(). Anyway her ending was my favorite - the fact she asks people to change perspectives and imagine . When we started GRH and did NAB her dictations were far less cohesive and it feels so good to see her growing ❤️. She can have a hard time with certain areas but I love that with homeschool the focus isn’t on her struggles but on her strengths . Especially at such a young age.

Posted by Deleted (49e0db74) at 2020-06-23 13:02:13 UTC