HELP!! Is anyone else having trouble with the writing assignment in NAB? This is our first unit. I have two 5th graders and one 3rd grader. They are all in tears, telling me they don't understand what it's telling them to do. I feel like it's not breaking it down enough. For instance, all they have to do the first day is pick a bird they want to write about. No problems there. The next assignment they had to pick a topic and put down all the questions they had about their bird. This was confusing because it didn't focus enough on the "picking a topic" part, so they thought they should just write down every question they wanted to find the answers to. No big deal, I'll just help them weed out the questions they don't need later. But the next assignment jumps right into creating a rough draft of the entire report they have to write. There was no direction on how to write a topic sentence, concluding sentence, or any of the support paragraphs in-between. It basically told them to just write the report. There were a couple sentences about how everyone is different in how they like to start this process, but no actual directions or suggestions on what any of that would look like. I'm telling you, they basically lost it because they were so confused! I tried helping, but it just made things worse because I "was making it more confusing". Tears everywhere. I was ready to give up and do something else, but I really want to know if guidance gets better in future lessons (and units) before I do that. I was so excited that everything but math is included, but it is seeming like I'm gonna have to add LA back in and I don't want to. Please help this mama figure out how to make this work!

Posted by Deleted (15766750) at 2020-06-29 20:19:09 UTC