Welcome to the official Gather 'Round Homeschool app! I am so excited about this and have been dying to show you what I've been working on behind the scenes. This app has everything all in one place but in a way that you can engage with the content that matters most to you. There are a TON of communities to choose from: one for every single unit that has been released, we have communities for dads (I assume that might take a bit to get up and running but I'm leaving it in faith), a community for reluctant writers/readers, a community for special needs, a community for High Schoolers, and we can add a ton more! There is no limit to the amount of unique and like-minded groups we can set up. I've tried to keep all the important things on your home page: from free samples to groups to FAQ, everything you possibly need is here. I will still be going live on Facebook and other social media but my weekly lives will likely begin to migrate over here to our official app where I can talk a bit more targeted beyond the "what is it." Did we get it fully funded? No, we made it about half way. But after praying about it I felt strongly that we were supposed to launch it, for free, and trust God for the rest. It is my prayer that it will be a blessing to each one of you and that together we can create a culture that glorifies God, edifies and builds one another up, prays for and encourages each other, and is a safe place to share our hearts. Gather 'Round my friends, the next year is going to be epic. Love, Rebecca

Posted by Rebecca at Gather 'Round at 2020-05-22 18:53:07 UTC