Much like the rest of my life (namely, my home), I naturally lean toward excess, but desire minimalism. Clutter is fun to collect, but stresses me out to see and deal with. Homeschool curriculum is fun to research and buy, but stresses me out to have and not use or not be able to manage. I adore GR so, so much for its minimalism, God-honoring content and fresh new units every month, and I strive hard to not overcomplicate it. 😂 My goal next school year is to not ask if it’s “enough,” but instead to make sure it’s enough for my son’s particular needs & level by not rushing through. I want to really soak it all in and encourage our very best in every single topic. Often I think the “enough” question is because I expect the student pages to do the work for me, and then get frustrated when my son isn’t connecting to what we are learning. I need to remember that I am the teacher, and it’s my JOB to make the material come alive for him!!!

Posted by LisaL at 2020-05-26 21:31:11 UTC