I’m so glad this “on the fence” section is included in the app! My son went into public school preK knowing all his letters and sounds. At home we were working on the beginning stages of reading (like sounding out CVC words) but at school they slowly worked through a letter a week. I feel like he’s somewhat confused and now he’s seems frustrated with the challenge of reading new words. I’m so glad We are switching to homeschooling this early on and I’m considering gather round. Here are my concerns: 1-right now he’s the only school age child in our home. Does gather round work well for one child or is it best used with larger families? 2-I feel like Public school has caused some regression and possibly in learning. Does gather round consist of a solid phonics foundation? 3-can I pick a theme and start with that? Is it best to start at the beginning with the first theme? 4- can this curriculum stand alone or is it best used in addition to other curriculums?

Posted by Deleted (4eb77fb9) at 2020-05-26 22:22:14 UTC