Hey everyone just here to introduce myself :) My name is amanda and I’m a mama of 5. Ages 11,10,8, 5 and 3. We did 100% classical education last year. I mean the whole 9 yards: memory work classes in the morning, Latin, in-depth chronological history, in-depth writing classes etc. even though the kids were getting a stellar education, within 10 weeks my middle child hated school so much that he began to tantrum and scream every day. I’m excited and nervous to try Gather Round this fall. I guess my biggest fear is losing all the “richness” of the classical education I was giving them. But I’m hoping that with all the free time this curriculum will allow me I can always add some of that richness back into the afternoon with less checkboxes. Maybe a loop system?

Posted by Deleted (8dbe7446) at 2020-07-05 22:34:45 UTC