This is our intro for our behind the scenes with Gather Round in the convention this week and I loved it too much not to share. I know you might have seen it on Facebook, but I'm sharing it everywhere with wild abandon because I'm super emotional today. Looking back and seeing not just God's faithfulness, but YOUR willingness to believe in me and invest in me and walk this path with me. I wouldn't be here without my team, but I also wouldn't be here without you. This is OUR story friends, and it is something I am in awe of. Can't wait to see you all at the convention, I have two songs I've never shared online before that I wrote, I have sessions I have never spoken before, worship sets, encouragement. I pray that you are blessed and encouraged and motivated and inspired for all that God has for you this year. Here we go! 7am is our sale start (PST). See ya'll tomorrow! (oh, side note, you can share this video from my page on FB if you like it <3)

Posted by Rebecca at Gather 'Round at 2020-07-06 04:45:00 UTC