Ahhhh! I need a little vent. Is this allowed? Just one of those things that will feel better after getting it off my chest. Over the last 3-4 months we have had this conversation at LEAST 4 times, it goes like this Husband: “what do you think about me buying/spending money on ______?” Me: “sounds fine as long as we have the money we need budgeted to buy the kids curriculum in July”. Husband: “of course....” This happened frequently enough that the last two times this conversation happened, he was frustrated with me reminding him again, and his reply was more along the lines of “yeah I know, you’ll be able to get it, that’s not what I’m asking about!” Guess what I’m NOT buying today, because it’s not currently budgeted for? If you need me, I’ll be sweeping up all the hair I’m pulling out of my head 😡.

Posted by Maria Cain at 2020-07-07 01:01:44 UTC