Another question from a newbie!! We want to school year round and have already started our year. I originally planned to do all 10 units in one year doing 5 days a week/4 weeks per unit. We’ve started out doing 4 days a week just to get my feet wet - and my kids are young (6&4) so I didn’t want to overwhelm them. My question is this - what if we want to do 4 days a week/5weeks per unit. We won’t get through all 10 units unless we only take 2 weeks off of school! I’m such a rule follower that not doing them all in one year makes me feel like I’m coloring outside the lines. 🤣. What do other families do? Is it okay to not get through all of them? Or is it better to do them all? Does it matter?

Posted by Deleted (ec222706) at 2020-07-09 13:03:42 UTC