I'm trying to wrap my head around this all and understand what's what! I have a 5.5 year old (heading to grade 1 - identifies letters and most sounds, great dexterity and can print, working on sounding out words and a few flash words), a 4 year old (supposed to be 2nd year preschool - can identify all letters and most sounds, working on dexterity) and my twins are 2 years old (just wanting them to be involved for lessening distraction sake). I am planning to homeschool and this was the push to get hubby on board ;) So my understanding is that I would be best to get Year 1 digital and then teach my oldest and maybe next with the pre-reader. But I am not understanding - is preschool and kinder included in the Year 1 package? And the lifer package - is that an add-on to the Year 1? Would I need that right now as my kids are so young? Someone tell me what to get!

Posted by Deleted (eaf7eb0e) at 2020-07-09 22:27:43 UTC