Hi! We will be homeschooling for the first time. I’m a former teacher and am so excited about this new season! We are starting with year 1 (currently doing the Africa sample and loving it)! My kiddos will be in 3rd grade and kindergarten (and also have a 3 year old). I work full time (currently from home) and my mom will be helping with the kiddos while I work. I am strongly considering Right Start Math but wondering if it will require too much time on my part to also be able to do the lessons from GR and for me to work. Does anyone have experience with using this curriculum along with GR? I’m also wondering if I could use the upcoming GR kindergarten curriculum for all subjects including math but would still need math curriculum for my 3rd grader. Also for reference, they both used Abeka curriculum at school. Thanks!!

Posted by Deleted (7b2a3f3f) at 2020-07-10 15:32:52 UTC