For anybody who is feeling overwhelmed for me this was the curriculum running the show! This was a mom having the best of the best-researching for hours what the best curriculum was and all the fancy ways to stay organized! Pages after pages, deadline after deadline, tears and fighting, while trying to keep up each day... 1/2 way into the year I sat down and decided to toss it all out -thousands of dollars! Because it was worth nothing for my family! The curriculum was amazing, but not for our family. Not for this mom! I prayed for an answer, I even went to my church for guidance. You see, I wanted to be that calm mom. I wanted to enjoy teaching my children, but I wasn’t... I was failing. Worse I wanted to keep trying to fix it because I was already so invested. I prayed and had to stop and realize for me... for my husband and I learning about the Lord and enjoying teaching our children had to come first! Not the curriculum! If they don’t know about the Lord and they don’t have a calm environment (at least most of the time) how could I ever expect them to love learning! How would I expect them to grow into the people God wanted them to be? It had to go! I prayed and I feel the Lord answered with Gather Round. Everything Rebecca has talked about with this curriculum was everything we needed. I am so thankful for the real pictures. The pictures of messes and smiles-not perfect curriculum and tears. To us, THIS is the perfect curriculum! Thank you so much! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and so courageous to help and serve others!!!

Posted by Deleted (32bf21e1) at 2020-05-27 00:47:29 UTC