@Ashlea West (Moderator) https://youtu.be/DB5HxSPGVp0 Great video on the heart! it's from operation ouch. Week 2 lesson 8! also, https://youtu.be/GDzcLZDdxqs from operation ouch on the vocal cords for week 3 lesson 9! and one for the lungs from them https://youtu.be/3p6RIv9ZRY4 and on the diaphragm https://youtu.be/rUVMok4Qp-Y just thought I'd share some extra resources for those doing the unit! my son loved both of these videos! :) Some of these videos do show real organs from pigs that are similar to ours! its not gross but just a warning.

Posted by Deleted (c4e21b2e) at 2020-07-13 19:13:12 UTC