⭐️Announcement⭐️ ⭐️Editing this: If you have not gotten an email, go to your original download links. They will be there. You also will get a reset on the 5 times downloading/clicking the links.⭐️ Good evening everyone, you all should be getting an email regarding the final edits to any Year 1 Digital purchases. Do not worry if you have not gotten it (I haven’t myself), they come out in batches many times. Here is what you need to know for re downloading... Each file (Besides NAB that says 3.0) has the date on when it was uploaded so you should be able to look at that and if you download after those dates then you have the most current version! You do not need to re-download any of your units if you do not want to, but we wanted to let everyone know that the Final edits have been made if you would like the most recent updates.

Posted by Alexis at Gather 'Round at 2020-07-14 23:02:12 UTC