This curriculum has been wonderful for my very bright, dyslexic son. He has started writing on his own in his notebook and insists on doing his own writing assignments. (YAY!) Here’s my challenge though... He is in the phonetic spelling stage and about 1st grade reading level. It takes him a VERY long time to read anything and writing assignments take over an hour. He WANTS to read sections of the Teacher’s guide like his big brother and sister. He WANTS to read what he wrote aloud to everyone. This a huge change for him since starting GR. Problem is, my oldest two get very impatient waiting for him to finish reading and he gets upset. I don’t know how to handle this. This momma is pumped that he WANTS to write now, that he WANTS to read aloud; but should I force my bigs to sit through it? He just wants to feel like he can do everything they do. But I understand them getting impatient. Y’all know how brutal it can be to listen to a struggling reader! Edited just to add: My oldest two have very severe ADHD, so sitting and waiting is especially hard. If they didn’t have this going on, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them to get it together 😆. My 13 year old looks like he’s going to jump out of his skin 😱

Posted by Wonder Academy at 2020-05-27 01:53:49 UTC