I just want to share my thankfulness to God that I am able to be home and teach my children. It’s an opportunity I don’t take lightly. I am continuously blown away by my children. I also wanted to share that my middle child is adhd/spd. She learns differently. We just started our school year on Monday and she is in kindergarten. The things she knows fascinate me because there are days when I think nothing is clicking. One example is she proved to me today that she recognizes some letters and their sounds and can place a picture that starts with the letter in the correct section (ex:”D” dog) when doing a hands on activity. Now if I just show her letters like the alphabet chart and ask her to tell me the letters she can’t and she can’t tell me their sound either. Oh and I found out she doesn’t care for matching activities like “Circle the shapes that are the same” she gets very distracted and wants to do other things. I know...okay I assume... that if she were in a “school” setting she’d would be looked at differently because of this and probably be placed in a special education class and that hurts my heart to think that. And I’m not pointing any fingers I just know there’s no way any teacher can cater to all the needs and different learning styles of every student. And not every child can adapt to the teachers way of teaching. But I have learned, and am still learning, she learns very differently. My oldest can sit down with workbooks and be fine but my middle child cannot. She thrives in fun, interactive activities. We start the Oceans unit tomorrow. All my kids are super ecstatic. Friday’s are our Funday Friday’s around here lol That is our “together” school day. My kids are 7, 5, & 4 so I’m excited to see what happens. Anyways, sorry for the very long post but wanted to share and give some encouragement to others ☺️ God bless 💜 Oh and p.s. if you have any tips or tricks that helped your child recognize letters and their sounds I’m all ears 😁

Posted by Deleted (ae622961) at 2020-07-16 16:35:26 UTC