I bought a telescope this week...even though I said I wasn’t going to....and I would highly recommend getting one when you are doing the Space unit! The past few nights we have stayed up late looking at the sky! We have seen Jupiter, Saturn, and even saw the international space station the other night when it was moving! We also downloaded a free app that makes it really easy. You just hold your phone up to the sky and it tells you what the different planets/stars/constellations are based on your location. I feel like I am learning as much as my kids are in this unit! 🔭🪐⭐️ Side note: I remember learning about space and planets as a kid in school and always feeling uneasy/scared of all the unknown. I didn’t even really want to do this unit. But the way it’s presented in Gather Round, I feel like me and my kids are just amazed at God’s glory and How big and great He and His creation are. Thank you @Rebecca at Gather 'Round for creating this curriculum!

Posted by Callie at 2020-07-16 17:20:53 UTC