Two sads and a glad: 1. I just went through all my old curriculum and have so much to donate and put on eBay. I’m so happy to have found GRH because it’s such a perfect fit for us, but I feel so sad about the amount of time and money I’ve wasted trying so many other $$$ curriculums in the past 5 years 😭💸 2. I miss fellowship so bad but my church won’t meet for at least another couple months because of Covid. I have been supporting from afar but it’s not the same. 3. I’m starting a 4-H chapter this year with a fellow homeschool mom and I’m so excited for it. We are starting the rabbitry project this summer and get our baby bunnies in just a week and a half! 🐰🥺💛🥰💛 anyone else have glads/sads homeschooling related to share? 😊 (pic of our future bunnies💛)

Posted by Deleted (ca67c312) at 2020-05-27 02:34:26 UTC