I am loving what I see with this curriculum and am pretty sure this is what I’m going to choose. I have never homeschooled but my one daughter has severe anxiety and the Th sight of HS has been overwhelming. She cannot handle anything Covid related as she knows I have autoimmune issues and am very high risk and have been battling severe health issues the last 4 years. That said I have decided to homeschool her. We both are very happy with that decision. She will be 9th grade. She has severe severe dyslexia and learning disabilities and school is a struggle. How is this curriculum for kiddos like her? In school she is resource level and needs massive support. I also will probably homeschool her sister who will be 8th grade but is Deaf and was adopted older with no language and has brain damage from a 5+ hour seizure so is very behind. But mainstream school with a mask etc is not sounding very good for her either. Any idea how this curriculum will adapt for special needs kiddos? Thank you in advance!

Posted by Deleted (e2c97bb5) at 2020-07-19 19:35:03 UTC