Hello everyone! I’m new to GR and new to Homeschooling. I am a momma to 7 kiddos ages 13-28 years old. 4 of our kiddos are adopted older from China and are Deaf. My hubby is Deaf and I am a sign language Interpreter. I will be homeschooling my freshman 14 year old daughter who is hearing along with my 16 year old son who is a junior and Deaf and doing supplemental support for my 13 year old Daughter who is Deaf but will stay remote one on one with her Teacher of the Deaf and my supplementing. Two of my three 19 year olds will be starting college online and my other 19 is contemplating all life has to offer her at the moment. My 28 year old is living on his own :). I am very excited to start GR and found it after extensive research and trying to find what would work best for us. My daughter and son picked Oceans as our first unit (just purchased it digitally today) and Asia as our second (makes sense with 4 kids adopted older from orphanages in China. I am very excited to be a part of this community and look forward to meeting many of you!

Posted by Deleted (e2c97bb5) at 2020-07-26 02:49:20 UTC