Welcome to Oceans! Your moderator for this group is @Jessica at Gather 'Round so feel free to tag her with the at sign if there are any issues. Group purpose: The purpose of this group is for people who are currently working on Oceans in their homeschools to share their ideas, resources, and get support. If you are looking for more general homeschool conversation, printing help, binding help, or information about a specific unit or age group, feel free to browse our other communities. Group rules: 1. Keep it Gather 'Round related: this group in particular is Oceans, so we will also try to keep it related to this particular unit. 2. Links: You can share a link to a video but no blog posts or items for sale. Instead, post a pic of it and people can go find it on their own. ANY outside links will be deleted other than cool resources/videos/informational ones. 3. No self-promotion: no using this platform to build your own in any way. If someone is private messaging you to join their sales company or to buy from them, please report them straight away to @Lindsey at Gather 'Round or @Rebecca at Gather 'Round or by sending an email to support@gatherroundhomeschool.com with a screenshot. 4. No curriculum recommendation posts: if you are looking for what to use instead of Gather 'Round, head on over to a general homeschool group. This group is for users of Gather 'Round to talk about Gather 'Round and their lives. I pay a lot of money for this app so I reserve the right to keep it related to Gather 'Round. 5. No bashing/bullying/rudeness. I feel like this is self-explanatory, and yet it comes up every time. Speak what you believe in love, if it gets bitey, the post will be deleted and if it comes up multiple times, users will be removed. Let's honour God with our conversations. 6. Stay related to the group chatter/topic: if the post is about printing troubleshooting, prayer requests or devotions (we have a GREAT group for that), a unit resource, pre-reader, babies or toddlers, etc. related to a season in your life, come on over and join that group! And users, let's help each other find groups and communities by recommending groups that might relate to their situation. 7. If you have a new group recommendation, please send us an email! If I get enough requests I'll add it. I'm excited to have curated a group that hopefully is fun and engaging and full of ideas and genuine relationships. You guys can request to add one another as friends and once you are added, you can send private messages and engage. This is a way to find like-minded people and don't forget about our co-op group to help you find and create Gather 'Round co-ops in your region! Let's do this! You'll have to just start posting guys, break the ice! Get in there ;) Let's start off with if this is your first unit or not. Love, Rebecca

Posted by Rebecca at Gather 'Round at 2020-05-27 06:44:37 UTC