We finished our first official day with Gather 'Round Homeschool! I slept til 10 and once I showered and got ready.. Jer came in and was like "Okay, Mom.. Where do we start? πŸ§πŸ€”πŸ€“" I signed him up for Beast Academy Online last night so I had him get started on the first lesson while I had coffee and a late breakfast.. The joys of homeschooling. He came and told me he liked Beast Academy and it's fun! πŸ˜† He thought it would be hard when he tried the demo last month, but he did great! πŸ₯³ I got the cute Gather 'Round sign printed and took our first day photos! πŸ’— Thanks, again Gather 'Round team for putting that together for us! I think it made our photos really special! We got started this afternoon, around 2.. 😌 We plan to go in order so we took turns reading North American Birds: Lesson 1. ..It's been storming here in GA today and we lost power for a good hour or more.. Wi-Fi came on again and Jeremiah asked if we could do more school now! Yay! We went ahead and read the first lesson of the US Government mini unit and watched School House Rock: Preamble from the Teacher's Guide. I forgot how awesome that show was! I remember watching 'em when I was in 4th grade, too! Good times! Jeremiah sat on the floor and played with Legos and had a snack while he listened and it worked perfect! We did the Early Elementary Student Notebook pages after each lesson and we called it a day! Jeremiah is watching a movie now and I'm going to fill in my EC Teacher Planner with all we accomplished! It was a blessed day and I'd say a great success! Thank you, Jesus and Gather 'Round for this opportunity and to be able to learn along with my son. We are so excited for the year ahead!

Posted by onekingacademy at 2020-08-04 02:42:23 UTC