Loved our lesson today. Lesson #8! From all our reading and videos, it was beautiful to see the passion my boys had when hearing about how things were just 60 years ago and talking about present matters too. So fired up, Isaac even stood up one time as he talked about these things. They couldn't believe papaw was only 7 when the Civil Rights Act was passed. Loved hearing their hearts ....they get it.... and so as this has been a continual conversation in our family the past year, we talked about what they can do NOW and what they can do as they grow. How God created us ALL in His image and how we can be part of the change the world needs, by standing for truth and showing love to everyone. We celebrate the beautiful differences because that is the way God created us. We don't say we don't see color...we see it...we embrace and love it ...because God created all these beautiful skin shades and created us all equal!

Posted by april-in-Haiti at 2020-08-04 17:18:55 UTC