I was not feeling well today and was really thankful to be on swordfish lesson since it's pretty short. My younger 2 kids were begging me for a craft project and honestly I didn't have anything planned. I looked in the craft closest and saw I had some clay, walked into my bedroom and grabbed my sailfish statue and set it on the table. I told them the craft is making a swordfish with clay and they were so excited and thanking me for letting them do this craft. I will let them keep thinking I thought long and hard about it haha. Anyway, I went and laid down on the couch and about 20min later my little babies came and showed me these masterpieces and were so proud of them and telling each other how amazing the others was. Made my heart warm and fuzzy. Just know that even if you're having an off day this curriculum is amazing and flexible and totally worth it.

Posted by Allie at 2020-08-05 01:10:21 UTC