I’m using ProClick snap binding for my workbooks and teacher guides. Looked like the highest sheet count is right around 160 pages...so if printing double sided, should be about 80 Physical pages. I have the 1/2” spines, but I’m realizing that the 85 sheets it officially says it holds is really more for 20 lb paper and I’m using 24 lb. I’ve searched online for the next size up (5/8” which hold 110 sheets or so) and the larger size is hard to come by (or pricey). My ProClick binding machine isn’t arriving until Friday... we’re starting school Monday. I’m trying to decide if I should go ahead and order the larger size. If you use the ProClick spines, I would love to know if those of you who are using heavier paper weights area able to fit in the entire workbook in a 1/2”! Thanks!

Posted by jeannine.hodges at 2020-08-05 02:12:18 UTC