LOVE ❤️LOVE ❤️LOVE this podcast! This podcast has been a huge influence on how I homeschool my children, especially my young defiant son. Rebecca’s faith and view of homeschooling is so inspirational and freeing! I always walk away on fire for the Lord and on fire for homeschooling and doing what’s best for our kids! She is so real, I want to just move to be closer to her and work for her, and be friends, pray for her, work for her. And , and 😀🤪😆 One little thing, ap related, I wish either the ap wouldn’t time out or the podcast wouldn’t stop playing when you walk away for too long when my pad goes to sleep. Is there a fix? Otherwise I’ll just keep touching my screen! 😉😊 Love all things Gather Round! 🥰

Posted by jesi_newdayacademy at 2020-05-27 12:44:06 UTC