If anyone is on the fence about HP Instant Ink I highly recommend! I got the HP Envy for $45 which came with 2 free months of Instant Ink Subscription. Then I got an additional month free with a code. Here is one month free for you if you enroll! try.hpinstantink.com/wcxh86 With my free 3 months I enrolled in the business plan which includes 700 pages. This also has rollover. Currently, I have printed two student books, a teacher's guide, a week sample of preK, a cursive book and the Bible reading schedule (and some miscellaneous pages). I have 150 pages left to use! (I can let this rollover to next month). My plan is to print 3 or 4 units for free! Then I can downgrade to a low cost plan (2.99/ mo for 50 pages. You can upgrade as needed or even cancel no penalties) I chose to use 3 ring binders to keep it simple and low cost. All in all these prints are beautiful and vibrant and best of all very affordable!! Here's that free month again try.hpinstantink.com/wcxh86 Printing Gather 'round doesn't have to break the bank!!

Posted by holyfiregirl at 2020-08-08 22:15:09 UTC