This worship song has blended so beautifully with our bird lessons lately. It’s my kids’ most popular bedtime song request, though I do admit it sounds a little different when I sing it solo and a cappella. It’s a song that I learned in my Bible camp days and am so grateful to be able to share with my children. >>> Do you know this song? What verse words do you include? <<< We usually rotate know, trust, follow, obey, and shine. I feel like maybe “see like you”, “love like you”, “spent time with you”, and “sing to you” might need to start finding their way in the rotation as well. Songs like this can really be written on our hearts and become part of us. My prayer is that every time I sing it, God uses it to work in me as much as He uses it to work in my kids (and hopefully someday their own children). >>> Does your family have a song like this? Which one is it? <<<

Posted by lindsey.weiers at 2020-08-08 23:07:45 UTC