We’ve been watching a nest in my parent’s shed for weeks now! It started with one unidentified egg, then 3 more came along. We researched the eggs and hypothesized it was a house sparrow nest, which we later confirmed when we saw mama bird! We’ve been anxiously waiting and carefully checking in every few days! Today, we peeked our heads in and found they babies were *just* starting to hatch!! Mama and daddy bird were both in the nest and flew out to get food while we took a quick photo! So fun to catch them on hatch day, but we’re going to leave them be for a minute now! Their nest is pretty impressive for such tiny birds! They’ve built cover on the whole side of a medium size shed and tucked an official nest in the middle of it! We know at least 2 eggs have hatched already! Zoom in to see the nakey babies waiting for food!

Posted by Brittany Smith at 2020-08-11 19:48:09 UTC