Hi! I have a son in 6th grade this year and he struggles with sensory processing disorder and dysgraphia. He reads really well, but when it comes to writing, he misspells more than he gets right. Spelling words are a night mare! Last year we tried just putting words he misspelled throughout the day on a list and had him practice them each morning. Then we would “review” them on Friday mornings to highlight and remove any that he got correct. The others would remain on the list and we would add to it the next week. But his list became so daunting!! This was our first week of school and we just used the vocabulary words for spelling..... I made a word scramble type review for him, where all the letters were there and he just had to put them in the correct order. He did better than he ever did last year, but still missed 7 out of 11. Anyone have any Tripp’s our advice to make this easier for him???? Thanks in advance!! It’s so heartbreaking when he looks at his paper and sees how many he missed. I don’t want him to keep feeling defeated.

Posted by antiquatedbride at 2020-08-14 23:11:44 UTC