A tradition that we do every year is throw a birthday party for the Constitution on September 17th. I'm excited to use this Mini Unit to lead into it this year. My kids love it. We have patriotic decorations and patriotic snacks/treats. My dad started this 20 years ago with his classes at school and I've now brought it to our Homeschool group. Examples of what we've done....all the kids in our group brought a birthday gift for the country. They got to be creative on what their gift to the country would be. We've created our own Homeschool Constitution. One year, we had a founding fathers lunch/presentation. The kids dressed up as someone from that time period and gave a short presentation. Then we had a fun lunch. Historical figures the kids chose included George Washington, Betsy Ross, Abigail Adams, Lafayette, and more.

Posted by christinawindhorst at 2020-08-21 16:40:26 UTC