Oceans •Sensory Jungle Water Beads - Blues (Amazon) •Watercolor with Me - In the Ocean (Amazon) •On the Trail of the Whale (Ollie’s $2.99) •Island of the Blue Dolphins (Amazon) •The Cay (Amazon - I read this book in 5th grade public school & remember it being a favorite) •The Legend of the Sand Dollar - The Legends of Easter Treasury (Ollie’s $4.99) •How the Jellyfish Lost His Bones in A World Full of Animal Stories (Amazon - lots of tales/fables separated by continent of origin - I plan to read multiple tales per unit as featured animals show up & for the country units!!) •Shark - The Ultimate Guide (Ollie’s $3.99)

Posted by Simply Lovely Learning at 2020-08-22 19:56:49 UTC