We went to $ tree today to get some last minute hurricane prep things and my little 4 year old said mommy it’s a gold finch birdy :) He was the bad guy in our family read aloud too. Also Teaching from Rest book is so good for new homeschool moms. It’s really helped me have peace of mind this week knowing we could have a crazy storm ⛈ knowing that public school was canceled for two days so my kids think they don’t have to do school eaither and realizing that has nothing to do with me being a good 👩‍🏫 it has everything to do with what they have known their whole lives and that it will take time to adjust to a new way of school life and that’s ok! Praying for Houston and Louisiana. The kids bible verse in NAB unit study week 2 also helped my worry brain some...to know that we are important to God and that we will make it through to find the rainbow 🌈 even after the storm ⛈

Posted by amanda_range at 2020-08-26 17:55:30 UTC