So, I was listening to the most recent Podcast, and Rebecca was talking about how, when she gets overwhelmed with the day's happenings, she claims "I'm so done." As I listened to her talk about how saying that, is to claim defeat. I felt that in my inner core. Right then, my 4 year old tripped while carrying my 8 month old! yup. I wanted to claim defeat. I wanted to be "so done." But I took a deep breath, paused the Podcast, and got him cleaned up (his nose and lip we're both bloody), while I explained to my 4 year old why she cannot just carry him around like that. He's okay now, by the way. And dinner was only delayed by a few minutes. And now, I'm going to listen to the rest of the podcast while I clean up from dinner. I'm so grateful for Rebecca's podcast, and super thankful that I was listening to those words, just as I was feeling "done."

Posted by ally at 2020-08-28 00:20:20 UTC