Anyone with an HP laser jet? I told my husband that EVERYONE who is printing these large amounts recommends the eco tank, but he vetoed my research because “laser jets are better and use less ink’”. Well, 3 student work books for ONE unit and about 1/4 of our math curriculum is printed aaaaand we need ink.... and it’s wicked expensive. My main question is. Does it get better? Do they just ship it with crappy small ink cartridges, but the bigger ones we buy separate will actually last longer? There is no way I can buy new ink with each new unit 😳 . Even buying ink every other unit would be a LOT. And the cherry on top, he’s now encouraging me to just print everything in the printer friendly black and white 🤮 Like, that defeats almost the whole purpose of this curriculum (except of course the learning part 😝). Help! Tell me it’ll be a great printer, because so far I’ve really not been happy with it (other weird issues getting it going too).

Posted by Maria Cain at 2020-09-02 00:29:19 UTC