On average, how many books are your kids reading each unit? My kids are 7 & 11. My 7 year old is doing ok with reading. My guess js she is pretty age appropriate maybe slightly above. My 11 year old has struggled with reading for a long time. He enjoys listening to books but doesn't choose to read without a lot of prompting. I just ordered classic starts- treasure planet, classic starts- 20 000 leagues under the sea and Island of the Blue Dolphins. i feel like i probably should have gotten at least 1 or more stories instead of novels for my 7 year old, but we'll see how it goes. I dont want to get so many that they don't get read, but I also want to encourage a love of reading. i have put 30 min of reading on their schedule each day

Posted by Deleted (a20a0210) at 2020-09-03 04:04:55 UTC