Hi everyone. Only on lesson 2 of Government, but I’m struggling. I’m finding the curriculum very difficult for even me to understand, much less my kids, and it’s not fun, to say the least. I couldn’t even help my 6th grader complete her workbook today...I just could not interpret the answers...we tried looking up videos to help, but it ultimately leading to us just stopping for the day. They’ve begged to go back to just learning about birds, and I’m honestly feeling the same way. I’m also feeling like I maybe need to teach about the 13 colonies and American Revolution before continuing? I feel like I’m referencing those things, and at least my youngest has no background at all. If anyone can provide insight on how to get through this, I would be so grateful. I really felt this was an important unit to learn, but having just started homeschooling last week, I’m worried it’s going to bring us all down. SOS. 😣

Posted by jess.spoljaric at 2020-09-03 18:21:24 UTC