Hi y'all! This August our oldest will be starting Kindergarten and our middle child will start preschool. I've been researching curriculum for what feels like such a long time and have fallen in-love with the GR curriculum. For preK this last year we used a different curriculum and it felt like a fight most days. When I saw Rebecca was creating GR I was so excited. We did the free sample of NAB and it was amazing. My daughter loved it with no tears. I'm so looking forward to the K and preK to come out, but have a couple of questions. Are they like extension packs I'd have to buy each month on top of the other units? Or are they stand alone? If they are add ons or extensions, can I just purchase the teachers portion of the regular unit and then purchase the K and preK? I'm not sure purchasing the full unit plus kindergarten plus preK would be cost effective for us.

Posted by Deleted (c83eecdc) at 2020-05-28 02:16:16 UTC