My kids love Wild Kratts (PBS) and we found a way to search all the seasons for animals to correspond to the NAB unit. It is an extra $4 a month to add it onto Amazon Prime. They have TONS of sea creature episodes and episodes of animals in different areas of the world. Since it was useful to use I wanted to share. The associated numbers are a weird match but it goes in the general order of the seasons if that helps. Sometimes the birds just make a cameo and sometimes they are the main character. Bald Eagle The Great Creature Tail (149) The 4th Bald Eagle (130) Dear Buckaroo (137) Hero’s Journey (133) Raptor Round Up (40) Ruby Throated Hummingbird Flight of the pollinators (32) To touch a hummingbird (50) Osprey (73) Tortuga Tune-up (55) American Robin Groundhog wake up call (65) Mystery in the prairie (80) Eastern Screech Owl A bar in the brownie (35) Raptor round up (40) Raven Little howler (34) Happy turkey day (45) Blue Jay Squirmy wormy (5) Blue and the grey (20) Chameleons on target (80) A creature Christmas (97) Adaptive the coyote (150) Black capped chickadee The Remington (131) Herring Gull (Laughing gull, similar) When fish fly (68) Capture the fish mobile (90) Stars if tides (99) The last largest lobster (100) Canada Goose Under frozen pond (71) Snowy owl invasion (95)

Posted by Karen Blackwell at 2020-09-07 19:40:50 UTC