Prayer Request 💕 (edited to say advice is also very welcome) We just recently had our 3rd baby and things haven’t been easy. I always struggle with a bit of PPD. Newborn season is not easy for me. My other two are 5 and 3. I’m really struggling as a mom and in homeschooling. I feel like a failure in both areas. As a mom, I feel like my children are being fed junk more often then not, yelled at or scolded MUCH to often and having to do a lot playing on their own. My hubby is crazy busy with work and the baby is taking up sooo much time. In homeschooling, we originally started with a different curriculum and we just struggled. So in Jan we switched to GRH. We love it but I’m struggling to be consistent and be motivated. She’s only just finishing Asia. I feel like she’s sooo far behind all her peers. (One of my friend’s two year old is starting to read already 😳). I’m just so tired and starting to doubt my ability to homeschool. Prayers would be really appreciated.

Posted by Lisa Dyck at 2020-05-28 03:05:08 UTC