This morning my kids ran outside to dig trenches under our big tree. They created different streams running into one large river, and dammed it up at the bottom for a lake. Yes, they’re still in their jammies and no we haven’t done formal school yet, but I love that they’re acting out and playing what they’re learning in Earth Science! They may not grasp the details yet but the ideas of landforms and how nature works together has been embedded in their view of the world. Since motivation has been waning lately, I say outside time comes before bookwork today. They’ll be more than ready to focus on our lesson once they come in from imagining 💜 And because GR is simple and not time consuming, I’m not stressed about “catching up” on our schoolwork later! It’s totally manageable! Thank you, Rebecca!

Posted by Deleted (eebde29c) at 2020-05-28 17:56:00 UTC