sorry for the long post/question about autism and Gather Round... I have just learned about Gather Round and am really excited to try it this fall. I love everything about it. I have 4 kiddos (toddler to 10 yr old). My eclectic approach of half of My Father's World and half traditional workbook style has gotten overwhelming and this simplifies it. However my 8 yr old is on the spectrum, (most likely aspergers). He is almost 100% visual learner, (aside from perfect pitch and love of music) almost 0% auditory. Makes teaching in a group and reading aloud very difficult. I could have him help me read some, but his reading comprehension isn't great. I will look up videos to go along with the lessons, which I already do. He loves things put to music, but I can't sing every lesson, ha! Are there any other suggestions from those who find their kids easily distracted by read aloud systems? i don't know if the putty type stuff is enough to help, but I could try it. He is often humming and doesn't listen. He is very bright and creative (I am very analytical so I can't think outside the box). It is exhausting to teach. I usually have to sit by his side and read and point to everything. He can read, but gets most things wrong when he tries to do it by himself because he gets distracted. Maybe there are no answers, besides it just requires more time sitting by his side. I just feel like my other kids get less of me.

Posted by Samantha Henderson at 2020-05-29 05:41:54 UTC