Loving reading all your posts! I too, have a reluctant writing almost 9 year old boy. He is finally starting to catch on to reading but I'd say he's about a grade and a half "behind." He also really hates writing, other than copy work.he has to do a little copywork each day and he tolerates that fine, but to do any sort of original writing is a big challenge and I basically just haven't pushed it up to this point. I also haven't pushed any sort of formal spelling, mostly because we've been working so hard just to get his reading upto snuff and he just melts down if I push him too hard so we've really pared back to the basics. Gather round had been amazing and suuuuuch a confidence booster for him and has restored all of our joy in homeschool. But now I'm wondering... should I be working to get him doing more original writing and spelling practice? I've taken the brave-writer approach that there are "no educational emergencies" and to really try to follow his lead with all of this (also taking to heart Julie's talks about how no learning is happening if your child is in a puddle of tears, which is what happens when he has to write), but then I also have moments of freak out that he must be so very far "behind" in his writing. But does this matter? Is this something that is more developmental than anything? He is a very bright boy who loves stories, comprehends well and has great original thoughts when we discuss stories, read aloud books etc. So I guess my gut says "don't worry, he'll blossom in his own time" but my educational background mind says "he's waaaay behind, better push him to get caught up."

Posted by Deleted (3d34dac0) at 2020-05-29 07:51:41 UTC