From a momma who has shed tears, my kids have as well. We've started strong and tried almost every curriculum in 10 years of homeschooling (with one year of public in between). Teaching in my daycare and preschool was so fun and amazing! I almost made my own curriculum and licensed out my daycare but I felt like it was time to close when we went into full time ministry and had our third baby. Kinder was amazing at the school I grew up in! We moved into ministry and a new town and decided to head into homeschooling. Things were very difficult with my oldest that first year and we tried public in first grade for him. It was dreadful. We pulled him. Then we found the charter were in and it has been great but I feel like for years we went through a lot with our oldest emotions and coping. I know GRH has made a difference in our home. It isn't the answer all remedy, obviously God is, I've changed as a mom, and my oldest son is really growing out of some of the issues he was having. To God be the glory! When I first heard Rebecca talking about GRH I was so intrigued and jumped in. I'm so glad we did! My K is able to learn right alongside his brothers and more involved. My 9 year old is excited to move into upper elementary and my oldest is excited to start space! I can't say how amazing GRH has been for our family. I really think units is the way to go for us because after 6 weeks or so, we've completed a ton of stuff in a unit and have that success that encourages and spurrs them on and the excitement of a new theme. I will say we also do read-alouds from a different curriculum and a morning basket and its worked beautifully. On days where our kids have a writing project we forgoe be the morning basket. I feel like I wish this was around years ago! I also am a different mom now and working on letting go and not letting homeschool curriculum rule me and stress me, but rather make it work for us. If your on the fence trust me, this is a life changer, honestly. I'm a lifer now and so happy. I know it's a chunk of change and I probably wouldn't have been able to with out months of savings but thankfully we had some extra money with this stimulus and our tax return (US) and so that was in my top list. The fact that it was on my too priority among a few other things to go ahead and purchase the year and lifer should encourage others that it really is amazing.. I can't say enough how much this curriculum has blessed us. Also the Lifer is awesome I don't need to worry about ordering any of the add-ons and the lifer benefits.

Posted by Deleted (f2ab66f1) at 2020-05-29 20:06:14 UTC