Because I do a lot of planning on the go I made my plans in a note sheet in an app. These are mine for lessons 1-4 and Friday as our art/activities day. I can click the video links right from my notes and project them to our tv. What do your plans look like? Pre-lesson: * Black table cloth over window * Black construction paper * Sunscreen * Paper plate (sun dial L3) * Copy of planets in appendix * Play-Doh and white sticks (L4) Lesson1: Introduction- video Warm-up: Stickers for front binder cover Intro to astronomy Galileo Telescope Art: Van Gogh LESSON 2: Galaxies & Solar system Warm- up: * Book- Cows in space * Introduce Reading log Solar system Planet order Planets song- details about each Hubble Outside: colored discs and measure out planet distances LESSON 3:Sun Warm- up: * Put up sun sticker on tablecloth * Book- hello spring goodbye winter * Reading log ? Mission to the sun Disney+? All about the sun Why seasons Story of sunglasses Activity break: * Sunscreen on black stripes of construction paper LESSON 4: Mercury Warm- up: * dot to dot/ maze/ spot diff * Introduce flash cards w/ info- write info on sun card Mercury Activity- Play-Doh balls and tooth picks to simulate axis and spin for days and years. Friday: * Review sheet: exit note 3-2-1 3 words , 2 interesting, 1 question * Book scavenger hunt Art- pastels on black paper Templates: star, spaceship, planets, sun

Posted by Crystal P at 2020-05-31 06:28:43 UTC