Exploring sharks , cursive, and Isaiah 43 today 🤍 Just wanted to share a picture and few ideas. I’m newer to homeschooling this last year and When exploring the alphabet and writing I’ve found it so awesome that you can use anything to make letters and words ( sea shells- popsicle sticks- rocks- sticks) it can be so minimal and still fun! I also cut and laminated the shark counting from GRH for my pre-readers and put a ring on them to practice counting and they love just the fact they can carry it around. I have clothespins so I have them clip which number matches the amount of sharks pictured. We purchased a big mega bundle the other day someone mentioned that’s was hugely discounted and that’s where the other shark sheets are from. I’d love to hear ideas from others on how they incorporate fun minimalistic little elements into their schooling for pre-readers/ kinders! Blessings to all 🤍

Posted by Deleted (49e0db74) at 2020-06-02 16:45:18 UTC