You guys. I’m not even that emotional of a person, yet I’ve teared up several times over this. It’s crazy, because we haven’t even started it yet. 😂 But as a second gen homeschool mom going into our 7th year this fall, 😱 I’ve used it ALLLL and this just feels like it’s from the Lord. We always do history and science together and my 10 year old son told me months ago that he loves when we are on the couch, learning together. What he didn’t know was that I have been considering GRH since Rebecca first mentioned it. His comment was confirmation. I was cautiously optimistic when I first heard Rebecca mention GRH, but felt like I needed to wait til this year. I think the Lord impressed that on my hesitant heart. He knows. 🙈 But there’s no hesitation now. I’ve wept over YouTube video reviews, Facebook posts in the GRH group, and while perusing this app because this is IT. It’s what I wanted as a kid and what I want for my kids’ education. To every writer, illustrator, tech person, and of course, Rebecca, THANK YOU. And Rebecca, if you see this, fb is good and all, but this app is the cherry on top. Your crown in Heaven is going to be extra sparkly, girl! ☺️

Posted by Deleted (36490f67) at 2020-06-02 23:20:22 UTC