Hello! A friend of mine found your curriculum and guided me to it. I printed out the free Earth Science teacher’s guide and notebooks for my Early Reader and Early Elementary kiddos and we began. The free sample started with lesson 5 on earthquakes. As I began reading, the way it was worded was difficult for my 10 year old, much less my 6 year old, to understand. I myself had a hard time explaining it not remembering the science of plate tectonics, stored energy and friction? Is that because we missed explanations in the previous 4 days? Will all units require me to do some extra research so I can reword it to my kids? Are there other units that are worded more plainly? I’m still on the fence as to which curriculum I will purchase for next year so any advice to help is appreciated. Thank you!

Posted by Deleted (b8f6db95) at 2020-06-03 19:08:24 UTC