Forest, VA here. Our area has a ton of co-ops and large homeschool communities. I have never joined one because (outside of being an introvert) I also have developed commitment issues since I started homeschooling because I want to be a free as possible to do whatever it is we want when we want to. For example we are big skiers and skiing around here is terrible. So when weather permits we up and go. That being said, my kids have no friends and it’s 100% my fault (ages 11, 9, 7, 3 in the fall). I went ahead and signed up for a co-op starting in the fall, but I’m second guessing it. I’d rather meet up with fellow GRH peeps. Even if it’s not necessarily a formal co-op situation. For instance meeting up at Wintergreen to ski, hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains, etc. That way it also doesn’t limit people to just the Lynchburg/Forest area. Anyone in and around Central VA?

Posted by Kim Turner at 2020-06-03 20:08:53 UTC